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Martini, Hughes & Grossman is a leading commercial collection firm, both domestic and international. We achieve this by being unique in that we specialize in LARGE BALANCE Face-To-Face Collections, Asset & Liability Investigations and have a network of over 1500 licensed private investigators and Certified Fraud Examiners.

Unlike most collection agencies, Martini, Hughes & Grossman has in-house legal advisers, the senior partner being a 35-year veteran retired Judge/Attorney. MHG also offers a debtor awareness program as part of the Martini, Hughes and Grossman service. This service lists all adverse filings on all U.S. companies including liens, lawsuits, judgments and UCC filings and is updated weekly through the law office.

Martini, Hughes and Grossman has the ability to customize our clients specific needs by showing up as an Accounting Firm on sensitive issues and ultimately eliminates having to sever the business relationships. We call it the Soft Audit Approach and we portray ourselves as your accounting firm in order to maintain and grow your relationship while collecting on the past due receivables.

Martini, Hughes & Grossman is prepared to go head to head against any collection firm. We will be candid and state that we have the ability to DOUBLE the yield of the best collection firms due to our State of the Art Collection Approach. We look forward to EARNING the right to do business with you and your company and we are confident enough in our results that we will do all your collections on a Contingency Basis. So the next time an account receivable problem arises, call the collection experts at Martini, Hughes & Grossman.


Martini, Hughes & Grossman utilizes a network of private investigators and certified fraud examiners to conduct in-depth asset and liability investigations on delinquent companies. Investigators will contact debtors bank officers, employees, key vendors and suppliers to get an accurate financial profile of the business. The Secretary of State will also be contacted to verify the corporate status of the delinquent company as well as all tax-affiliated state offices. Investigators will also check with the Tax Assessors office to search for all real property and assets. Fast-Track results speak for themselves in terms of recovering delinquent receivables in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

We have English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and German speaking collectors on staff.

Nearly all collection agencies provide the same services; but what makes Martini, Hughes & Grossman different is that we utilize certified fraud examiners to “skip trace & asset search debtors.” We do the foot work to get our clients PAID and only licensed certified fraud examiners can pull anti-fraud information. This allows us to locate debtor’s whereabouts; as well as the assets they try and hide and if we can find them, we can attempt to collect from them and bring you the positive closure you deserve!

Martini, Hughes & Grossman Collections Key Elements:

  • We are founded by a Judge & Certified Fraud Examiner
  • 11 year A+ Rating
  • We pay/remit our clients on the 25th of every month; no exceptions.
  • Status Reports are sent to all clients on 1st and 15th day of each month.
  • 98% Client retention
  • We specialize in accounts deemed uncollectible by other agencies (2nd Placements) & write offs as far back as 3 yrs.
  • We work on a contingency basis; we do not get paid unless we collect!
  • Domestic and International Collections


Martini, Hughes & Grossman

page5_img1 900 Linton Blvd Suite 201
Delray Beach, Florida 33444

Customer Service: 1-866-763-9700
Corporate Office: 1-561-266-9877
Corporate Facsimile: 1-561-266-9887
International Sales Office: 1-561-665-7794
International Sales Office Facsimile: 1-561-807-0818


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Why utilize Martini, Hughes & Grossman?

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Our proven recovery tactics produce optimal value for our clients.



Unmatched arsenal of collection investigation techniques are utilized to monitor and research corporate debtors financial activity, including:

      • 1. Computer Surveillance
      • 2. Public Record Searches
      • 3. Electronic Research
      • 4. Law Office Database Access


MHG has extensive corporate debt recovery experience that enables us to catalog the different categories of corporate debtors. The account management techniques we employ enable MHG to maintain the highest yield/return for our clients.

  • 1. Background Profiles
  • 2. Minimize Exposure to Losses
  • 3. Debrief on Account Status


Legal Accounts: Contingency based – client only pays up-front court and service costs. When desired by our clients, reports on account activity can be made to corporate credit bureaus.