Schedule of Fees

Our Collection fees are assessed only when funds are collected.

Clients with exceptionally large accounts or high dollar volume may require an independent fee structure.

Age of Account When Placed Rates
30 to 90 Days Past Due  20%
91 to 365 Days Past Due  25%
1 Year and Over 35%
2 Years and Over 50%
International Accounts 35%-50%
2nd Placements / Judgements
Accounts under $1000.00 50%
Legal Accounts 40%
Returned Merchandise / Discovery Fee
Half of Normal Fee.
Cancellation Fee Normal Fee on Promised Accounts.
Half of Normal Fee on Active Accounts.

A customized collection approach to suit each client’s specific needs:

“Soft Audit Approach” -“Full Tilt Collections”- “Private Investigators”- “Certified Fraud Examiners”- “Pre-Litigation- Asset & Liability Investigations”