“When Should I Employ a¬†Collection Agency?”

1. When a debt is 90-120 days delinquent
2. When a customer demonstrates bad faith and loses credibility
3. When costs of continued efforts do not justify further time investment
4. When a customer discloses financial difficulty
5. When a customer is ignoring your calls
6. When a customer is lying to you
7. When a customer is ignoring a 10-day final demand
8. When a customer is falsely claiming defective products or services
9. When a customer threatens bankruptcy
10. When a customer is passing NSF checks
11. When a customer is making partial remittance
12. When a customer starts skipping payments
13. When a customer refuses to sign a personal guarantee
14. When a competitor is calling you for a credit reference

“What is your Remittance Policy?”

All funds collected within the month are remitted to the client on the 25th day of the month proceeding collection. Any monies remitted directly to client can be offset with any collection monies we have in house at months end. If we have no monies in house at months end, we will invoice you for our fees.