Commercial Debt Collection Services

MHG has specialized in the collection of high balance business to business debt for over 12 years. Our highly trained collectors have seen and collected on every type of debt imaginable, with industry leading yields and results. We have taken the time to learn the laws and new developments affecting corporate debt, and to accrue a vast array of tools, including Asset & Liability assessments, UCC filings, skip-tracing, and private investigators.

We have also built an incredible collection system infrastructure to streamline our effectiveness. Our Certified Fraud Examiners and collectors are the best in the business, and we dont get paid unless you do – ensuring that we make every effort ro get our clients the best return possible.

Whether your client stopped payment on a check, bounced a check, closed their checking account, did a charge-back on their credit card we are here to help.

Some debt is much more time sensitive than others. Liens must be filed within a specific time frame, which can vary from state to state. Legal remedies can also vary from State to State. In some States they use different terminology that affects what can and can’t be done in construction debt collection.

If you aren’t familiar with the laws in a specific State, corporate and construction debt can become a minefield. MHG is here to take the pressure off and guide you through the process. Instead of thinking what you should do, know with Martini, Hughes & Grossman debt collection services, you’ve already got the best people on your side.