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The following links contain online options to pay a debt, download a PDF with more information about our services, or submit an account for Collections.

Please click on the appropriate button below, fill out the form, and fax or email it to our office.

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By referring the account to us for collection, you agree to the following: You (MHG) are authorized to proceed at once to collect the amount in question. Commission will be charged on accounts collected, paid direct, or settled by return of merchandise. In the event litigation is deemed necessary, we direct and authorize you, as our Agent, to send the account to an Attorney designated by you, in the county of the debtor, whose name appears in a Columbia law list publication, upon prevailing rates in the area, and that the account will still be maintained by MHG and not directly by him/her. You, as our representative, are authorized to accept payments and to endorse checks, notes, money orders or drafts for deposit with the net proceeds being remitted to us. Special authorization is required to file suit, compromise or grant extension.

Please report all payments made directly to your office immediately!!!

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Please report all payments made directly to your office immediately!!!

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