Government Collections That Work

Government officials and suppliers are sometimes afflicted with an equal opportunity annoyance: Having to collect on a debt from a client that they have extended credit.

This is the case for the obvious reason that in the case of a off-shore debtor located in Seoul, the government has to deal with time zone problems, as well as knowledge of the collections laws that govern that country on the federal and provincial levels. The government is faced losing the revenue for the services it has already rendered.

A hotel in San Fransisco, on the flip side, has the same type of problem collecting from European government, or even its own. This case can be made in any of the numerous sectors in which the government operations.

Martini, Hughes & Grossman has a long history of collection for and from government entities. We offer customized campaigns depending on the type and scope of the debt, executed by seasoned experts familiar with the in-house security and measures necessary to ensure the legal compliance of our clients and privacy of their debtors.